My libido is going so well


My friend thinks that she is going through early menopause, so I encouraged her to go to the doctor. It can happen to women, and I am sure that men find this difficult to cope with. Speaking to some of my dates at Tottenham Court Road escorts, it is apparent that this is what their wives are going through and that they are having a terrible time of it. The men that I date at the Tottenham Court Road escorts service that I work for, seem to have some sympathy for their wives, but I can’t say that it seems to be overwhelming.

My friend who is only 35 years phoned me up the other day just as I was leaving my boudoir at Tottenham Court Road escorts of She said that she felt totally drained of energy and did not want to have sex with her husband. As a matter of fact, they had not had sex in months and hardly even kissed. It all seemed a bit weird to me, and I felt awful for her. After all, I am only 23 years old but I still hear stories like this every day at Tottenham Court Road escorts. I do hope that everything is alright with my friend’s marriage.

To be honest, I think that Tottenham Court Road escorts have made me kind of syndical. Men are a bit unkind to their women folk sometimes, and most of my dates at Tottenham Court Road escorts, don’t seem to appreciate how much us women are influenced by our hormones. They can make us feel sexy, or they can just make us feel terrible. It sounds like my friend is going through a hormonal upset at the moment, and could to with a bit of support from her husband. He sounds like he is trying but I think that he could do more than he is doing.

Men also lose their libidos, and I have met men at Tottenham Court Road escorts who have lost their libido. Some of them have done so because of illnesses, others from drinking and some just because of their age. Sometimes it can help to take herbal treatments, but I do keep wondering if we should also focus on eating healthier. After all, we seem to eat more and more junk food these days. The food we eat is not always good for us, and perhaps we should try to get a bit healthier. It would preserve all of our libidos.

Talking to my dates at Tottenham Court Road escorts, I often appreciate how hard many women work. The men that I date at Tottenham Court Road escorts seem to be in play mode all of the time, and I don’t think that is one. I would love to see a fairer distribution of work in the home. Even though many women work outside the home, they are expected to do all of the work at home. There is little wonder that women are beginning to lose their libido at an earlier age. After all, many of them must be really tired after a long day at work.

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